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"Necessity is the mother of invention"
This saying appears in the dialogue Republic, by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato

This statement could not be truer of HotRiot. Our system was developed out of a need to find a more efficient method for creating web applications. Each time we accepted a contract to develop an app, we faced the same inefficiencies in solving very similar development tasks. It seemed that our projects had a lot of commonality in requirements, yet we still found ourselves "reinventing the wheel" for each new contract. There had to be a better way. Traditional development techniques were slow, error prone, difficult to work with and expensive for our clients. We would often see site owners forgo the benefits of a fully-functional app simply because the expense or skills needed to develop the required features were beyond their reach. We needed a system that would provide the tools to allow us to quickly create applications with a minimum of effort. It would need to be easy to use yet flexible enough to solve a broad range of requirements. So we went looking, however to our surprise, no suitable tool existed.

So we created HotRiot, the system we wish we had when we were writing apps. We launched HotRiot on the basic premise that other developers must experience the same difficulties as us, and could benefit from our new system. So, for the past several years HotRiot has provided the Internet community with this cutting edge tool for creating custom applications. We’ve seen enterprising individuals use HotRiot to create all sorts of applications.

The experience of helping others bring their ideas to life has been very rewarding. There have been many occasions when our clients have told us that if not for HotRiot, their website simply would not have been built. This brings it all into focus, because in the end, we are about helping people bring their vision to reality.

HotRiot is a privately financed, privately held firm that has been profitable every year since its inception.

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