HotRiot supports seamless integration with AWS S3 / CloudFront and AWS RDS.

HotRiot's default document management system is well suited for most applications, however, for those apps that require storage for vast quantities of documents or special support for delivering audio or video files, we support seamless integration with our user's own AWS S3 and CloudFront accounts. Integrating HotRiot with your S3 and CloudFront service provides your application with unlimited document storage and high performance content delivery. These services are ideal for sites that expect to store and serve huge numbers of document files or that need to process media content.

When you sign-up with HotRiot, a database dedicated to your account is automatically provisioned on one of our database servers. For the vast majority of users, sharing a HotRiot managed server is ideal. However, some users prefer to store their data on a private server which is under their direct control. To accommodate these users, HotRiot has the ability to connect to a database server provisioned on Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS). Amazon RDS is a database hosting service offered as part of Amazons Web Services. It allows you to dynamically provision a MySQL server hosted on AWS. However, unlike HotRiots database servers, an RDS database server is under your direct control allowing you to set-up and operate your server as you see fit.